Gear Up With West Chester Protective Gear (2:02)
Since 1978, West Chester Protective Gear has provided personal protection solutions that improve the performance and safety of workers on the job and at home.

Since 1978, West Chester Protective Gear has provided market leading solutions that improve the performance and safety of workers on the job and at home.

From gloves to rain wear to disposable clothing, West Chester offers a wide range of quality products to meet every protection need. West Chester’s operating philosophy is built on service, quality, innovation, and value. Our highly experienced sales and operations teams are flexible and responsive, providing innovative solutions that fit customer needs.


Customers depend on West Chester’s vendable solution to store, dispense and monitor products critical to their safety requirements.

The vending machines are user friendly and cost effective. Products are banded and wrapped for minimum resistance and catch. Employees select the items needed and go about their tasks.

The machine monitors and streamlines inventory control processes by tracking the number of items used, which products are used by specific employees, what products need restocking, and more.

To learn more about the vendables program, contact IDG today.

IRONCAT® from West Chester Protective Gear (1:49)
Developed by welders for welders, IRONCAT® is designed for the unique heat shielding, dexterity and protection demands of Stick, MIG and TIG welding applications.

TOUGH. HARDWORKING. FEARLESS. West Chester’s line of welding gloves, leather apparel, and FR cotton apparel is designed to meet the protection demands of the roughest welding environments.

Developed with a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals, every glove and garment has been designed to make sure welders are protected.

Use our Zone Defense® color-coded system of cut-resistant gloves to identify the right glove for the zone! Match the color-coding to the appropriate cut resistance level needed in each of your facility’s work zones. Our Zone Defense system offers shells and coatings to fit every need.

Level 1: RED ZONE

minimum cut protection
Use for maintenance, box handling, transportation, light assembly, and light engineering. Do not use with sharp objects, knives, or saws.


medium cut protection
Use for handling sharp objects, material handling, automotive, and construction.


maximum cut protection
Use for handling very sharp objects, glass handling and metal assembly.­


Dipped glove popularity has increased due to the unparalleled tactile sensitivity and form-fitting design that still protects the wearer from workplace hazards. Various coatings are then applied for use in a variety of applications. West Chester’s POSIGRIP line represents the absolute best within this unique category.