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IWhen a global HVAC manufacturer company experienced issues associated with outdated nitrogen shock absorbers at their manufacturing facility they teamed up with Industrial Distribution Group (IDG).

The plant, which produces "top tresses" for air conditioning and heat pump units, was having a problem with a 300-ton press that was failing due to excessive shock. The team discovered that the press, which travels 12” or more just prior to striking the sheet metal, was causing a surge at the point of breakthrough which created the damaging, excessive shock. The shock caused costly production stoppages due to periodic water line breakages and encoder damage.

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After extensive research, the team of Mitchell Green and James Artzner from IDG discovered German-made hydraulic shock absorbers that theoretically would solve the problem.

The engineers challenged both the manufacturer of the press as well as IDG to acquire new hydraulic shock absorbers for test and implementation. The OEM quoted a higher price and six months lead time for a set of four new shock absorbers; meanwhile IDG secured a temporary set of four shocks to test within one week and quoted a lead time of just eight weeks for the permanent set -- all at a cost that was significantly lower than the OEM quoted price.

The end result: the IDG-sourced hydraulic shock absorbers worked great and a costly, long-term manufacturing problem was solved immediately. The customer realized a significant product cost savings.

When asked about the team’s success, Greene said, “We are proud to offer an outstanding assist to an unstoppable company producing a strong product”.

IDG is proud to be a part of America’s best industrial supply and supply chain companies, dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions for better business practices and stronger bottom lines.

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