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When you or your employees lose hearing, you lose out on the most valuable parts of life. That’s why hearing protection is essential for people who spend time in areas that earn an 85 or greater decibel rating.

Decibels, abbreviated dBA, are the unit measure for sound levels. And anything rated at 85 or above puts a person’s hearing irreversibly at risk. That’s why IDG offers assistance in identifying potentially dangerous environments and provides accurate and effective protection to effectively preserve hearing.

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Using specialized equipment, our experts perform a sound audit of questionable environments. These readings identify the appropriate level of hearing protection as outlined by OSHA. In some cases, our consultants conduct custom hearing tests with variances in hearing protection to determine the exact level of protection necessary to protect individual employees. You see, each ear is unique and reacts to sound in different ways. By performing custom testing, we ensure everyone’s protection needs are met for proven hearing preservation.

IDG believes in the importance of hearing protection and will work with your entire team to educate everyone on the dangerous effects of noise and the importance of proper precautions. After all, it is the education and enforcement of protective measures that truly make a difference to the integrity of your staff’s hearing.

One of the ways we help employees is with the 3M Noise Indicator NI-100. This tiny aid (roughly the size of a key fob) clips to a shirt or jacket and delivers reliable noise level monitoring via flashing LED lights. Quite simply, the red light means noise levels are above 85 dBA and hearing protection is advised. When used in a loud work environment, the N1-100 serves as an excellent reminder, whether employees note their own fob or another employee’s, to wear the advised level of hearing protection.

To place your order for the NI-100 or to learn more about IDG’s Hearing Conservation Program, please contact us here or call 888-243-4070. We don’t want you to miss out on a single, precious sound.