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IDG Provides Indirect Materials to Server Farms in Western North Carolina

December 19, 2012 - These days, farms yield more than apples in Western North Carolina! Some of the most recognizable brands in the world of technology have turned to western North Carolina to build their new, sophisticated server farms.

A server farm is a group of servers kept in a single location networked together to meet server needs that are difficult or impossible to handle with just one server. Companies of all types commonly employ server farms in today’s world because they provide a way to streamline weighty computerized tasks. Western North Carolina is becoming home to many of these server farms, mainly due to the vast tracts of undeveloped land and readily available natural resources.

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Ensco Supply, an IDG company specializing in commercial construction tools, equipment and safety supplies, is heavily involved in the initial construction projects for these server farms, and most recently, Facebook. Ensco provided indirect materials to the Facebook construction site in Forest City, N.C., including power tools, ladders, safety supplies and floor protection for the facility concrete construction, along with large quantities of water to keep the crews hydrated.

Now 33% complete, this $450 million facility will eventually house three server buildings to enable you to ‘like’ and ‘share’ to your heart’s content! The mega-facility will protect your information with Swamp Coolers, the same type of cooling system you would find in the Southwest. Essentially, the system pulls in outside air, cools it through a water-infused filter and pushes it through the facility for more efficient operation.

Ensco Supply has been an indirect materials supplier to many server farms during the construction phase, including Apple, Google, AT&T and American Express. Often Ensco has no idea who will occupy the facility until after the fact. Richard Crifasi, President of Ensco Supply, says, “Many of these projects operate under code names, and it isn’t until much later that you find out what you helped build.”

When discussing the server farms and similar projects, Crifasi stated, “They’re quite common. Global demand determines every phase of server farm construction which will continue until a more efficient way to hold data is found.” Ensco Supply is currently working on a distribution center and server farm project in South Carolina.

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