As Charlotte put on its Sunday best in anticipation of the national spotlight, intense preparations were being made to Time Warner Arena. The effort’s intent was to make the Democratic National Convention run smoothly and safely for all involved. And IDG’s contractor supply business unit, Ensco Supply, was proud to be on the front lines.

Essentially, the entire suite level of the Time Warner Arena was transformed into offices and media rooms for the 4-day extravaganza – which meant tools, talent and a lot of time.

Working 14-17 hours per day, electrical contractors removed and replaced the existing system to ensure safe and reliable operations for our nation’s leaders and media representatives. Naturally, they put their trust in Ensco Supply for reliability and access to the materials key to success.

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Rick Matthews served as the point person on this operation and offered around-the-clock access to inventory. In the end, Ensco Supply – an IDG Company, kept the contractors’ trucks, toolboxes and belts filled with fasteners, strut, cable tray, threaded rod, couplings, plastic, ladders, drill bits and, surprisingly, drinking water. All the small parts added up to a noteworthy amount of sales for such a short-lived event.

Additionally, Ensco Supply was tasked to source Anthrax Emergency Kits. These kits contain full-body suits, filters and other apparatus necessary in protecting Charlotte’s utility workers should it become necessary to shut off utilities in the event of biochemical attack.

In fact, Charlotte was so dedicated to anticipating every possible outcome the city welded manhole covers to ensure no one could slip past security.

But now, the lights have dimmed and the people of our nation have, once again, cast their gaze into their own back yards. We, however, are left to put Charlotte back together again.

And while, yes, the materials taken down in the transformation were saved for re-use, you can be sure Ensco Supply is standing at the ready to offer construction assistance should the need arise.

If you or your business could use an ally like Ensco Supply, visit to peruse the online catalog. Or, just pick up the phone! Quality guys, like Rick, will be happy to help you.

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