IDG offers a financial win for anyone using flap, fibre or bonded abrasives. The Cubitron II 982C Fibre Disc provides a deep drop for your bottom line by pairing increased output and reduced materials costs in a revolutionary piece that actually improves the user's ergonomic experience.

3M's innovative technology allows precision placement of a high-concentration of perfectly-oriented, precisely shaped grains. This market changing design and unique concept allows for faster cutting and increased productivity. But the real win is that this innovative disc actually improves ergonomics, thanks to reduced pressure requirements and reduced noise, to generate substantial increases in output.

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Perhaps a more impressive benefit, though, is the material savings the Cubirtron II creates. These class-leading discs last longer than conventional fibre discs. This means fewer changeovers for increased cost and time savings.

If you're interested in lowering your overall abrasive costs, Cubitron II is probably the answer. This product works well in facilities handling sheet metal, plate manufacturing, metal tank manufacturing, construction machinery manufacturing, farm machinery & equipment, motor vehicle bodies, industrial truck, tractor & trailers, ship building & repair, as well as boat building.

IDG experts will gladly visit your facility to discuss the possibilities and perform an on-site test with your running parts. And, if you find yourself enticed to buy, you can buy with confidence. We will guarantee that the Cubitron II will perform equally to the test we perform or we will refund your money.

So, if you need to reduce abrasive spend, increase productivity or reduce finishing time and steps, IDG wants to talk to you about the game-changing Cubitron II Disc.

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