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It can be a challenge to reduce facility operation costs and keep your employees comfortable and productive. A common choice is to change the HVAC system thermostat, and add some high speed fans to deal with the increased energy costs. The leading cause of heating and cooling problems in facilities is rarely temperature alone. Most of the time, the problem is air movement. High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are an excellent solution to address air movement issues, keep your employees comfortable and lower energy costs. Here’s how:

  • Regulate High Temperatures. Unregulated temperatures in your facility are a major risk to your business and your employees. The risks include; increased health and safety hazards, decreased workforce productivity, and increased energy consumption.

  • Improve Air Movement.Stagnant layers of hot air are the foundation of the energy inefficiencies and discomfort in any season. De-stratifying, or mixing the horizontal layers of air within your facility will reduce cooling and heating costs. Moving the air and making the temperature as equal as possible from floor to ceiling will create thermal equalization and eliminate these layers.

Airflow Model

  • Improve Cooling Efficiency.Increasing cooling efficiency is critical to lowering your cooling costs. Although some solutions will provide some “spot” cooling, none provide the increased comfort of HVLS fans to your whole building.

  High Speed Fans HVAC High Speed Fans + HVAC HVLS Fans + HVAC HVLS Fans
Reduce temperature   X X X X
Increase efficiency   X X X X
Increase ventilation X X X X X
Balance temperatures       X X
Lower heating costs       X X
Lower energy costs       X X
Increase cooling effect       X X
Improve heating in winter       X X

The Benefits To Your Facility Are Real! 

MacroAir HVLS fans address all the issues above. Once the space in your plant is thermally equalized with a HVLS fan, your employees will enjoy a cooling breeze from above. The large volume of air moving at higher velocities create what is called “Perceived Cooling”, which can make people feel as much as 15° F cooler. Thermostat settings can then be decreased / increased, saving 5-10% of the energy required to heat or cool! Ask your IDG representative for more information to get your savings underway.

When HVLS fans supplement your air conditioning, you are cooling your facility more efficiently and not running your air conditioning unit as hard.

ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, have done calculations that show cost savings up to 49% after installing HVLS fans. A number of independent studies also conclude that a few HVLS fans were as effective as 12 high-speed fans, while providing an 86% reduction in electrical consumption.

The HVLS Fan Reinvented


MicroAir, the company that created the High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan has created the next generation fan. Introducing the AirVolutionD, with innovations in efficiency and quality that blow away the competition. All AirVolutionD models come with a 50,000 hour warranty, another industry first.



D-drive, next-generation DC motor
Eliminates gearbox saving 150 lbs
Only 24' D-drive fan on the market

Quietest HVLS fan line
2 moving parts vs hundreds
No gear or friction noise

Proven, patented motor design
50% greater continuous hp
Rated for high-temp environments

Simplified, rapid mount system
No unsightly guy wires
Installs in half the time

Built-in AirBrain processor
Adapts to voltage fluctuations
Eliminates cumbersome VFD's

Industry's only 50,000 hour warranty
No oil, no maintenance required
Lower A/C & heating costs by 20%


Disadvantages of Gear Driven Fans
Highly inefficient with excessive heat and energy waste; requiring cumbersome VFD's and weighing up to 240 pounds more than the HVLS Fan. Operating costs increase as reliability decreases due to gearbox issues including leaking, friction, wear and noise; results in decreased relaibility and fan life.
Gear Driven Fan

Fan Variations

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