This year, the government pulls the plug on T12 lamp production, following the new DOE fluorescent lamp regulations. This is not unlike the 2007 phase out of incandescent bulbs. This means that, in addition to T12s, screw-based light bulbs will be swapped out on the shelf for new bulbs infused with an energy savings of 25-30%. The financial translation: $13 BILLION.

Now that we have your attention, let's explore the options.

There are Energy Efficient Tax Incentives and Utility Rebate Programs in place to help lessen the retrofit blow, but first, a look at actual lighting efficiency options.

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Replacing your T12 bulbs with T8 lamps produce an energy savings of 40%, while T5 lamps offer a 51% savings. And since retrofit energy savings qualify for a tax deduction of up to $.60 per square foot, you're literally putting money in the bank when you put new bulbs in your building.

Deep breath. Before you start your rant about retrofitting and budget restraints, know that many utilities across the US provide incentives to "buy down" the cost of upgrades. And when you up the ante with Energy Sensors, you're taking savings to a whole new level.

Of course, you might now be thinking, "What good is all this great information without a use for it?" That's where IDG comes in.

The IDG Energy Savings Initiative is a four-step program to identify and improve areas of weakness. From a retrofit questionnaire and action assessment to a relight energy audit and audit review, the IDG experts help you realize spectacular savings on your energy costs. Especially considering that each of those F12 lamps we talked about earlier costs you about $238 annually. That's right, $238.

Why not take a walk around your office this afternoon? Count bulbs by $200 each – just for the sake of easy math – and be sure to have your phone handy in case you need to call 911. Once you've recovered from the shock, use that phone to give IDG a call. We'll help you save money with The IDG Energy Savings Initiative.

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